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Glass Disk Can Be Used to Store Data For Centuries

Written on September 29, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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Hitachi has invented a glass disk that is a waterproof and fireproof data storage

Popular Japanese brand, Hitachi, has created a glass disk that can be used to store data. Since the disk is fireproof, chemical and radiation resistant and waterproof, the data could be preserved for centuries, unless the glass is broken.

The glass disk is made of quartz glass. It is only 2cm square and 0.2cm thick. The glass makes use of technology that relies on layers of dots to store data in binary form. The data stored in the storage chip can be deciphered with a microscope.

Hitachi plans to make the technology available in museums, goverments and companies who are interested to invest in a resilient data storage.

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