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Google Changes Chrome Logo: From 3D to 2D

Written on March 22, 2011 by Charles Bass

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The Chrome icon on your OS is now on 2D. This is not some glitch, it's for real. Google has downgraded the Chrome icon from 3D to 2D.

Make way guys, Google Chrome has a new icon, more simple and defined. Ready?

Today, Internet titan Google has announced that they are indeed changing their Chrome icon into a new one.

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Google Introduces Chrome OS

Written on December 08, 2010 by Charles Bass

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"Rethink[ing] the personal computing experience for the modern Web. That is what Chrome OS is about. Chrome OS is nothing but the web—Chrome running on hardware directly." ---Sundar Pichai, Google' s Vice President for Product Management.

During a press conference in San Francisco today, Google launched the newest addition to their growing network —Chrome OS. This is Google’s browser-centric netbook operating system. According to Google, the number of their Chrome users climbed up to 120 million. Chrome’s emphasis on speed was noted as one of the significant factors why the popularity of the browser grew rapidly. Performance remain the key account priority of the Chrome development as Google works to make the browser an application platform.

The next Chrome will be using an adaptive compiling technique codenamed Crankshaft to accelerate JavaScript performance. Google has also been in focus of the WebGL, a work that progresses swiftly. Google showed several WebGL demos, including a virtual 3D aquarium with sharks that shoot lasers with their eyes.

During the presentation, Google’s vice president for product management, Sundar Pichai, explained that the philosophy behind Chrome OS is to create a browser that is largely designed for many applications rather than a browser that is designed for documents of everyday work. This is an advance vision that Google has with Chrome OS.

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