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iPhone 5 on Sprint this Year, Based on Analyst Report

Written on July 07, 2011 by Lulu

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Citadel Securities analyst, Shin Yin, noted to his research that the iPhone 5 on Sprint will be arriving this year.

An analyst from Citadel Securities, named Shin Yin, said in a research note that the iPhone 5 on Sprint is likely to ship this year. He said that there are several factors which indicates that the said product is Apple’s iPhone 5. Shin Yin also stated that Sprint is one of the least expensive network provider for people looking for an all-in smartphone plans.

This could make it an “attractive proposition” for users who focus on their budgets — the group of consumers which Apple wants to court. Shin Yin also speculated that a Sprint iPhone 5 could even outsell the Verizon model for that reason.

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