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Waving Goodbye to Google Wave

Written on August 05, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Say farewell to Google Wave.

We were shocked since this is unexpected. Google Wave is finally bidding farewell. Google Wave is a community collaboration tool that allows user to message all the people on your community with just one click. In a post by Google’s SVP for Operations Urs Hölzle, he said that there are “[no] plans to continue developing Wave as standalone product.” Let’s send all the blame to the low desired user rate.

The site will stay “atleast through the end of the year”, but with no further promises. Tools will more or less be released “so that users can easily ‘liberate’ their content from Wave.”

Wave is best to fix existing Google Products like Docs and Gmail and they are actually planning to extend the use of this tech to those projects.

Here’s a little tribute to Wave:

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