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The Indestructible Gorilla Glass Coming Out Soon

Written on August 04, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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Scratch-resistant. Stab-proof. Gorilla glass.

The market demand is strong for panels that can protect TV sets from the worst damages ever. Glass specialist Corning, Inc. has a response to that: manufacture more Gorilla glasses in China. The damage-resistant panel has no previous manufacturer that can rightly respond to its advertised availability for LCD TVs. But the company has remained positive all along. Now Corning is predicting that it can seal its first deal by fall. The $60 panel “has already been embraced by information technology and hand held device makers, and the addition of the TV cover glass application creates a tremendous opportunity for further growth”. But there is a major point that has been noted by those who have been accustomed to plastic bezels, that unlike screens made of polystyrene plastic, which enhance visibility, we are not sure whether the durable and tough Gorilla glass will also deliver well when it comes to displays.

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