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DailyTech Revives the Apple TV Set Top Box Rumors

Written on June 22, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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DailyTech awakened a long-time running rumor that Apple might be entering the TV market with their Apple TV set top box.

The rumors about the launching of Apple TV set top box have been buzzing around the industry for over several years. And although Apple’s Steve Jobs and Tim Cook both declared before that there’s no possibility for the company to release 42″ and 50″ Plasmas in Apple Stores, DailyTech still brought back this hearsay.

DailyTech reported that it’s a former Apple executive who revealed the company’s partnership with an unknown electronics manufacturer, to create the TV set top box with Apple TV and iTunes features. The new TV sets would be marketed as Apple products, even though they’d be manufactured by a different company. Apple is now rumored to release their TV set top box by next year.

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