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Leftronic Software Launches Today

Written on August 25, 2010 by Adam Eve

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“People pay hundreds per screen for our visualizations. One day everybody in a company will have their own display, like having an iPad on your desk showing stats in realtime.” - Lionel Jingles, Leftronic co-founder

Leftronic, a company funded by YCombinator, launches a software that accumulates company data in ambient displays today. The latest software provides a ready-made visualization of various types of data, versus squandering some programming time. Talking about future plans, Leftronic aims to be the leader in ambient displays that have become more prevalent due to cheap monitors and data streams. According to Jingles, the co-founder of Leftronic, the company’s competitive edge is the fact that very few people incorporate multiple data source. He even kept his fingers crossed that the operation will expand from web to finance, operations and marketing. You can snag an invite for the company’s private beta by clicking here.

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