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T-Mobile Shares Fixes for HTC Sensation 4G Data Connectivity Issues

Written on June 21, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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After hearing several complains from HTC Sensation 4G owners, T-mobile gives tips on how to fix the mobile device's data connectivity issues.

Right before Sensation 4G’s were sold at Walmart, a couple of owners started complaining about the data connectivity issues. Most of the customers said that their HTC Sensation 4G are stuck on a 2G network and then dropped off from 4G. Some even grumbled that they suffered from intermittent data issues, in which data are working in one minute and then cut out on their next attempt.

As seen on the T-mobile’s forum, those negative reactions began arising around June 10. And before the issue got worst, the company immediately reviewed the problem and revealed some fixes that might help the owners who are suffering from the data connectivity thing.

Check out T-Mobile’s quick fixes after the skip.

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