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LG 4G T-Mobile G-Slate Video Demo Unveiled

Written on February 09, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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"A premium mobile HD entertainment experience on a tablet. Welcome to T-Mobile G-Slate with Google, by LG."

It’s got 3D Cameras, it runs on Honeycomb 3.0, plus it has Tegra 2. What’s not to love about the LG G-Slate? Well we’ll give you some ideas on what’s MORE to love about the tablet with a short video demo we found over at Youtube (oh, youtube, where can we be without ye?). And although the video looks a little unpolished, it gives us a clear idea on its hardware specs along with a cool demo on how the 3D feature would look like once the 3D stereoscopic cameras have kicked in. Probably the only apprehension we have with the LG G-Slate is the size of the display, but hey, atleast we can expect some decent prices once it comes out.

Check out the video after the break!

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Razer Switchblade 7-inch Gaming Tablet Video at CES 2011

Written on January 09, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Razer definitely puts up a show at CES 2011 with their concept video of the Switchblade 7-Inch Gaming Tablet. Let's just hope the actual tablet does what the video says.

We’re getting more and more surprises at CES 2011 as Razer, one of the leading gaming hardware manufacturers in the world, shows a concept video of probably the holy grail of Mobile PC gaming, the Switchblade. The Switchblade is a 7-inch Gaming Tablet which uses a multi-touch screen and a keyboard that adjusts its interface accordingly to the game you’re playing. The video definitely sent chills down our spines especially when the Razer Switchblade adapted its keys to games such as World of Warcraft. The presentation at the CES 2011 was definitely a sight to behold, but we need more than just a concept video.

No announcement has been made at the CES 2011 as to when they will release the Razer Switchblade to the market and what are the specific details of the device. All we can do is pray that it will be soon. Hit the break to see the trailer video.

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