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‘Double the Win’ with EVGA GeForce GTX 460 2Win, Faster than NVIDIA GTX 580

Written on March 13, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Why settle for a single win when you can 'double the win' with a faster and cheaper EVGA GeForce GTX 460?

EVGA just unleashed a beast called the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 2Win, a card that contains the power of two EVGA GeForce GTX 460 GPU’s which promises to deliver a faster, more stellar DirectX 11 performance than that of the legendary NVIDIA GTX 580. The card is touted to give a whole new degree of interactive gaming, entertainment and productivity as it is equipped with 700MHz clocking and 672 cumulative CUDA cores served by 2GB of GDDR5. What’s more is that the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 is touted to cost lower than the NVIDIA GTX 580. ‘Double the win’ indeed.

Hit the break to check out the complete specs of this awesome graphics monster.

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AMD and Fusion’s Ontario Chip is On its Way

Written on August 25, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Netbook owners will soon enjoy a crisp and vivid video as AMD will launch its newest CPU+GPU core later this year. What can you say about a processor that gives the same performance but only occupies half of the usual space? That's Ontario!

Officials from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced last Tuesday that the company’s smaller, power-efficient and Fusion-based laptops will hit shelves early next year. The AMD-Fusion hybrid chips, dubbed as Ontario, is installed inside a CPU that is based on AMD’s new Bobcat low-power architecture. The Ontario chip is a combination of a central and graphics processing units into a single silicon, and will be shipped starting the fourth quarter of this year. According to Dina McKinney, vice president of design engineering at AMD, the first Ontario chips will include two Bobcat processor and DirectX-11 GPU. This will provide a close to 90 percent performance of the processor used in mainstream PCs, but will only occupy half the space. However, the vice president declined to further elaborate about the power drawn by Ontario chips and the budget of the incorporated GPU core. AMD is hoping that the Ontario chip will make them competitive in the netbook market that is currently dominated by Intel,  as DirectX-11 GPU enables full 1080p video playback on small screen.

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