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Now Available: Crackdown 2 Toy Box Add-on, But in Lockdown

Written on September 05, 2010 by Adam Eve

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Don't get your hands on the latest Crackdown 2 Toy Box Add-on yet! Otherwise, you might see your XBox 360 game living below zero degrees -- figuratively speaking.

Ruffian Games has already launched their Toy Box Add-on DLC for Crackdown 2. The free version includes new level 6 rewards, vehicle tag multi-player mode and the popular Keys to the City. In addition, the premium version has two new vehicles, five new toys, two awards for your XBox Live avatar and ten new achievements. However, after all the hype that the Crackdown 2 got before it was released, gamers were left disappointed — giving the game a reason to fall from the All UK Formats Chart’s top spot.

Crackdown 2 players who downloaded the new Toy Box Add-on find their games in a lockdown. They are reporting that the XBox 360 game will freeze up every time it attempts to load. It seems that the technical issues are connected to the paid DLC released today. The XBox support advises that owners should delete the Premium Toy Box Pack from their hard drive. So for those who haven’t got a grab of the latest Crackdown 2 Add-on, don’t buy it yet.

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