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Windows XP Downgrade Rights, Extended Until 2020

Written on July 16, 2010 by Adam Eve

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You think Windows XP will be out in the market? Think again.

Microsoft has announced that it will be extending the life of Windows XP offering downgrade rights to companies who buy copies of Windows 7 for the next decade. Downgrade rights allow consumers who bought the later version of Windows OS to remove it and install an old version without paying for a second license. It let users bide their time until they are ready to upgrade.

Microsoft has offered downgrade rights for XP since the release of Windows Vista, but giving multiple years to reverse an OS back to an older version is unexpected. To sum up the details, Windows XP downgrade rights will be extended as long as Windows 7 is supported by Microsoft. That means until January 2020 for Windows 7 Professional and January 2015 for Windows 7 Ultimate. These downgrade rights are intended for enterprise customers only.

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