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‘God of War: Ascension’ Game Footage Released at E3 [Video]

Written on June 07, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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'God of War: Ascension', the fourth console God of War game, is set for release on March 2013

Sony has released the gameplay footage of the fourth installation of their God of War Game at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3.

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EA Confirms Release of Dead Space 3

Written on May 31, 2012 by Avlya Jaie

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EA's Dead Space 3 will be launched during next week's E3

EA confirms the launch of the latest installation for its Dead Space game franchise. They are set to unveil it at nextweek’s E3 game conference, along with the game’s first footage.

Dead Space 3’s first game footage will be shown during EA’s own conference. Several game images have already leaked and spread all over the internet over the past year.

EA said in an interview with IGN:

“We’re excited to unveil Dead Space 3 to the world at the EA press conference next week.”.

Besides confirming the launch of the upcoming Dead Space installation, EA has been tight lipped on the upcoming title’s game details.

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Xbox 720 for 2012, Not a Surprise

Written on May 09, 2011 by Adam Eve

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"Should Xbox 360 hardware sales begin to drop off dramatically in Q4, or early in 2012 Microsoft will likely announce launch of a new system at E3 next year." --- Billy Pidgeon, M2 Research analyst

EA has refuted the reports that they are in possession of the Xbox 720 hardware. However, M2 Research analyst – Billy Pidgeon – said that announcing a Xbox 360 successor in 2012 is not out of the question.

IndustryGamers were also told that developers were permitted to see the features of the Xbox 720, which improves the current Xbox 360’s capabilities, including speedier and enhanced Kinect interface that boosts device responsiveness. Last week, an unknown source informed respected games industry publication – Develop – that “Microsoft is rushing to make an [Xbox 720] announcement at E3″ in a bid to steal Nintendo’s thunder.”

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