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ASUS X101, to Serve as Linux Tablet Alternative

Written on August 05, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Despite bearing the hallmarks of a netbook, ASUS will offer its Eee PC X101 as a Linux tablet alternative.

As posted on ASUS’ blog, its Eee PC X101 will serve as an alternative to small laptops despite bearing the hallmark of a netbook. First, at 0.69 inches thin and two pounds in weight, it will be thinner and lighter than a typical netbook. Second, it runs MeeGo Linux instead of Windows 7. While the latter has been the predominant OS for netbooks over the past few years, MeeGo Linux is more suitable to ultrasmall designs which typically doesn’t have the horsepower to efficiently run the Microsoft OS.

Third, the ASUS Eee PC X101 does not have Ethernet ports and VGA.

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ASUS Unvcovers its Super-slim EEE PC X101

Written on June 01, 2011 by Adam Eve

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After its PadFone, ASUS uncovers another interesting device to be added in its EEE PC family.

This week, ASUS made a big splash at the Computex 2011 with its tablet-smartphone combo, PadFone. However, the company also unveiled a new family member for its famous EEE PC line — the EEE PC X101.

The 10.1-inch netbook measures 0.7 inch thick, and offers a Meego-based option for only $200. Just for a quick memory job, Meego is a Linux-based OS developed by Intel and Nokia. With its slim form factor, the price is quite cheap. Aside from its Linux-based OS, other features that are keeping the EEE PC X101’s price affordable are its 3-cell battery and 8GB SSD storage. Though an option to upgrade is available, it will also mean more money and added thickness.

The cost of a Windows 7 version is still unknown, while the release date for the X101 is yet to be announced. So just keep it posted here at GADG for more updates.

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