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Orcs Must Die Trap Trailer Released

Written on May 24, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Orcs Must Die lets you take out angry orcs all day long to defend your fortress using spells, weapons and various traps.

Ensemble Studios’ first game under its new company name – Robot Entertainment – is a third person strategic tower defense game entitled Orcs Must Die. The gameplay is very simple: A player must guard his fortress from hordes of angry orcs using spells, weapons and a lot of traps. The available traps vary from simple TNT to trip wires that releases swinging battle axes from the ceiling.

Set to hit the stores as a Xbox Live Arcade game this summer, Orcs Must Die looks like a bloody game with lots of action and well paced traps to shoo out orcs all day long.

Watch the videos after the break to see the Traps in action.

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