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Office Works now Made Easier with X-Ar

Written on June 16, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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California Company Equipois has given Steadicam a new version and purpose. The x-Ar helps workers perform their office tasks by making their arms feel lighter and free from stress.

Originally, Steadicams were produced to lessen injuries and bone-breakage during chase scenes in Hollywood films. But now, it is revamped to help out line workers and file clerks – thanks to Equipois, a California company. The new version of Steadicams, also known as x-Ar, helps arms feel lighter while preventing any risks or symptoms of stress injuries without the need of motors, batteries, or electrical powers.

Steadicams work by grasping cameras at the end of two joined and spring-loaded arms, which shift contradicting to the cinematographers’ steps. While the x-Ar is quite different – it has a weightless and more solid version, which is be packed into one arm-gripping housing. The x-Ar should be placed in any office chairs that have a center column. It’s spring case will rest beside your bicep while a cuff holds your forearm.

The x-Ar works very simple. As a person moves, spring-loaded cassettes located at the ends of the casing contracts and release to guide every lifts. With it, office workers can get up to 10 pounds of strength.

Equipois designed the x-Ar for offices alone. But in the future, they are planning to create versions of it for dentists’ chairs and operating tables.

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