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Sony Music Japan and Sony Ericsson, New Hack Victims

Written on May 26, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Sony is once again enduring security breach problems, as the Sony Music Japan and Sony Ericsson were attacked through SQL injection.

Following the attack on Sony BMG Greece last Friday, Sony Music Japan and Sony Ericsson were also hacked this week. A team of hackers, called LulzSec, released a database from Sony Music Japan through a post-bin link that was posted on the team’s Twitter account.

According to Sophos, LulzSec is believed to use a SQL injection to obtain the records. However, the database in question does not contain names, passwords and other personally identifiable information. The hackers said that there are two other vulnerable databases, but it is unknown whether these contain sensitive user details.

In addition to this, Sony Ericsson was also intruded and personal data from 2,000 Canadian Eshop was stolen. But the company cleared out that the passwords were encrypted and no credit card details were taken. Nevertheless, embarrassment on consecutive security breaches may probably reach almost unbearable levels for Sony.

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Mobile Broadband Users, to Reach One Billion in 2011

Written on January 13, 2011 by Adam Eve

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“During the course of 2010, a significant milestone in terms of mobile broadband subscriptions was reached as their number surpassed the half-a-billion mark globally.” ---Ericsson

Ericsson, the largest manufacturer of mobile network equipment, has reaffirmed that people are moving towards a more wireless world. According to their statistics, a significant milestones in terms of mobile subscriptions surpassed the 500 million mark last year. Ericsson goes on to note that this number will double before 2011 ends. Pushing the total number of mobile broadband users to one billion, it’s no brainer that carriers are clamoring at the mobile broadband market share.

That sounds a lot of loot, isn’t it?

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