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Seven Funny Facts You Didn’t Know About Google

Written on September 06, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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These seven fun facts about Google will be very interesting, and will be among the things which you never knew.

Google is certainly the most-used search engine on the Web to date, receiving over millions of queries from different users each day. Despite its increasing popularity and commercial success since launching, its founders – Sergey Brin and Larry Page – have managed to keep to their word that “Google is not a conventional company. We do not intend to become one.”

Google is an unconventional company, but yet, it offers people the best service when it comes to online researching. In this article, GADG brought some of the interesting and fun facts about Google that, in one way or another, could quench your thirst for information.

Know them all by hitting the break.

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Things You Have to Know About Nokia N9

Written on June 28, 2011 by Adam Eve

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More and more news about the Nokia N9 are coming your way, but here is GADG's list of interesting facts about the new handset.

GADG is giddy to share as much news as possible about the new Nokia N9, regardless if Nokia is excited about it or not. ShootSpeak posted a stash of interesting facts about the device, and GADG can’t help but post it here.

Listed after the break are the ones we found the most interesting. Read on to know more about the Nokia N9.

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