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Final Fantasy XIV: The Gathering and Repairing Review

Written on October 05, 2010 by Adam Eve

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After the Levequest and Crafting comes the Gathering and Repairing. Read on to see what Square Enix has in store for gamers Final Fantasy XIV. Can you get your item without the hustle?

As promised, we are now on the second part of our Final Fantasy XIV review. Last week, we tackled about Levequest and Crafting. Now, let’s continue our tour on Gathering and Repairing.


Compared to crafting that has a lot of professions, there are only three gathering professions in FF XIV. You can mine, harvest from trees and grasses, or fish in order to collect raw materials. All you need in order to harvest is to have the right equipment and you are all set. A piece of advice though, you might want to snag a mining quest early on since it can rank you up fairly in a jiffy. Like most of the tasks in FF XIV, Gathering is divided into several steps. The game requires that you reach a certain proximity to an item you want to have, and then open the main menu to initiate the process. When you’re done, you can take your item into your inventory.

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Final Fantasy XIV: The Quest and Craft Review

Written on September 28, 2010 by Adam Eve

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It takes a long time before a full review of a MMORPG can spring. That's why we take things slowly but surely. Read on to see our verdict for Final Fantasy XIV's Levequest and Crafting.

Final Fantasy XIV is Square Enix’s second entry in their online-only blockbuster role-playing franchise. The game is set in the large and open virtual space called Eorza, wherein gamers can run around desserts, forests and other environment type. Just like FF XI, getting anything done takes a lot of time since it is not a fast-paced, high-energy MMO. FF XIV offers its various range of playable classes; beginning from axe-wielding fighters to magic users. The best part? You can switch from one class to the other after the game’s outset, provided that your character have the right tools. The skills you earn while you progress can unlock more character customization potential, letting your avatar equipped with necessary devices.

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