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Final Fantasy XIII-2 in the Works?

Written on January 16, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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When there's smoke, there's fire. And Square Enix is about to fan the flames with a probable Final Fantasy XIII sequel.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 anyone? Corporation Service Company, the very company that registers domains for SquareEnix games such as Gun Loco, Nier, and Front Mission Evolved has recently registered website. Big news, huh? This strand of detail may provide information that SquareEnix is working on something huge this year (or probably proof that the Japanese gaming company is fleshed out of ideas). Final Fantasy XIII’s official website is Connect the dots.

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Up Next: Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360

Written on September 14, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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The 13th installment of Final Fantasy will soon enthuse Xbox 360 gamers this time.

Japan–Leaks have it that Xbox enthusiasts will enliven their Final Fantasy adventure, finally, on December 16 on a cash-out of ¥4,980.

This is way lower than the usual cost at which Final Fantasy games come. Last December’s PS3 version came out almost double at ¥9,240. Good thing the XBox 360 edition is being marketed as a budget brand to start with. Square Enix is also rendering the game an international branding, tagged in full as “Final Fantasy XIII Ultimate Hits International.”

An Xbox 360 entry is coming for the first time in Square Enix’s Ultimate Hits budget list. In line with this, Microsoft has held pre-gaming at a pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference in central Tokyo.

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