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Final Fantasy IV Compilation Jumps to PSP

Written on December 13, 2010 by Kristoff Jones

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Final Fantasy and Playstation Portable fans will finally get what they've always wanted. After years of sticking to Nintendo for the Final Fantasy IV remake and sequel, SquareEnix finally brings the FFIV duo to the PSP.

You got that right, it’s not just one, but two Final Fantasies and in one UMD! Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection will combine the original Final Fantasy IV and sequel Final Fantasy IV The After Years. The game is reported to have new scenes that will connect the original to the sequel plus redesigned visuals to make the experience more stunning.

After dedicating the Final Fantasy rpgs to the Nintendo consoles for years, PSP fans will finally get their chance to relive this epic SNES/Super Famicom classic.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection is set for release this Spring 2011.

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