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FlashSoft Unveils Flash Virtualization Software

Written on July 01, 2011 by Adam Eve

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FlashSoft SE is now ready to boost your database's overall perfomance, while decreasing the Flash memory needed.

FlashSoft unveils its Flash Virtualization Software – the FlashSoft SE – which enables SSDs and PCIe flash memory devices as server-tier and read-write cache. In addition to this, the software also accelerates the database’s overall performance and other server applications.

With FlashSoft SE, the amount of necessary flash memory is significantly deducted, while increasing the application performance by a factor of four to ten. It basically manages data that are most likely and most often used in a limited flash capacity.

The FlashSoft SE is now available for Windows Server 2008 R2, and is expected to be released for Linux later this summer. However, the software requires a minimum SSD size of 8GB. The FlashSoft SE has a free demo version which is available for download from their website.

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