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Top 5 Free Android OS Games for Your Smartphones

Written on March 12, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Android OS may look like it means business on the outside, but deep inside, it's got loads of fun games that will make you forget that Infinity Blade is still on the iOS.

The Google Android OS isn’t particularly the hub where people can get the best gaming apps usually available to the iPhone. Though we’re still hoping for developers to make Android versions of their hit titles like Infinity Blade, Mirror’s Edge, Plants vs. Zombies, there are other games on the Android OS that may tickle our fancy and perhaps make us forget how awesome the iPhone OS games are even for just a moment. We’ve all come to admit that Google Android OS is more business or utility driven, but that doesn’t mean Google doesn’t know how to have some superficial, mind-numbing fun, right?

Hit the break to check out 5 of the best Android games available on the Android Market to date.

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Chocobo’s Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystals on Facebook

Written on November 03, 2010 by GADG

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A Free Online RPG game directly play into your Facebook account. Square Enix release 2 new game from Facebook "Chocobo's Crystal Tower" and "Knights of the Crystals".

When I was a kid I use to played several RPG games from Squaresoft (Square Enix), one of my favorite character through the whole Final Fantasy Series game was the Chocobos. Chocobo is a big yellow bird which used as a transport vehicle like a horse in the game series of Final Fantasy (if you recall the game Chocobo’s Dungeon 1 and 2). Square Enix has release Chocobo’s Crystal Tower yesterday on Facebook. The game is in beta test where you breed Chocobos, feed them, equip an item, fight some monster and go on an adventure quest. Its an interesting game which I think it will hit on all Chocobo fans.

Also in the release of “Chocobo’s Crystal Tower” another Facebook game that Square Enix release it is called “Knights of the Crystals”, an a RPG game like Final Fantasy Series which do the usual routine to level up the characters and fight the monsters. Try both games for free and see if it worth the time to play this on Facebook.

Click here to Play Knights of the Crystals Tower for Free

Click here to Play Chocobo’s Crystal Tower for Free



The Top 20 Android Games Offered for Free

Written on October 31, 2010 by GADG

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Make your Android life more exciting with these fun and exciting games which can be downloaded absolutely free. Don't be left behind, download these games now!

Do you believe that you can find gem within the junk? It is the same case you will encounter in finding fun and enjoyable Android games in the many options available. A bonus treat? You don’t have to shed money off your pockets. Find in the list below games that you should download to your phone right away.

See after the jump best 20 Android games you can download for free.

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