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Tap Tap Revenge 4 Chosen as the Top Free Game in iTunes

Written on December 21, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Are you ready to Tap Tap? If your answer is yes then you must download Tap Tap Revenge 4 now. After more than 24 hours after its launch, Tap Tap Revenge 4 reigned as the Top Free Game in the iTunes App Store. With free 100 songs upon download, what are you waiting for?

The 4th generation of the incredibly cool game Tap Tap Revenge 4 was released in the App Store recently. Tap Tap Revenge has been in the App Store for quite some time already.

What’s new on the latest version? The new version brings over 100 free tracks for players to tap with. These songs includes hits of from popular artists/bands like Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, and My Chemical Romance. TTR4 introduces a “like” button which displays an avatar showing who else likes the respective track. Tapulous also done some iOS 4 revamps by adding both Game Center and Retina Display support.

Another tweak made was the social media feature. From now on, players move can be forwarded on Twitter and Facebook. There is also now an “Acade Mode” for players to enjoy. This new mode offers more challenges to the players.

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Move Over Angry Birds, The Smurfs are Here

Written on November 18, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Angry Birds fly away from the top spot as blue miniature creatures called The Smurfs come into the limelight.

Angry Birds is kicked out of the top spot. The Smurfs are here. The once top billed and most popular iPhone game, Angry Birds, steps down of the its throne. Capcom’s Smurfs’ Village now reigns as the best game platform.

The Smurfs’ Village is a game where player control a group of smurfs. If you are not familiar with the smurfs, they are the blue creatures made popular by comics and 1980s cartoons. Players need to build houses, grow crops and interact with other smurfs in the villages. This game resembles Farmville in many ways.

Wonder why smurfs suddenly becomes a top-grossing game? It is offered for free! No need to shed bucks to play this game. Players just need to own any Apple device and be on a Wi-Fi hotspot.

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