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‘World of StarCraft’ Still Alive; Blizzard Asks Modder to Rename It

Written on January 22, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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'World of StarCraft' still lives. Though we may need to call it something else if we don't want Blizzard deleting the videos again.

Blizzard admits that it asked YouTube to remove the ‘World of StarCraft’ clips on the video sharing site but not because it deems the game itself is illegal, but because the name was in breach of some copyright brouhaha the gaming company has instigated.

The game mod, which was headed by Ryan Winzen, still exists to our delight and Blizzard have taken interest in the game and their group as they invited them over to have a talk with StarCraft II developers. Should everything go well, the best thing that can happen is Ryan Wizen and probably a couple of members from his crew will come back not as guests anymore, but bonafide Blizzard programmers.

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