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Gameloft Offers Big Discount for all Android Games

Written on December 29, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Mobile gaming company Gameloft drops the prices of all Droid games to 99¢.

Gameloft has been setting the bar high when it comes to mobile gaming. The French company is known to produce superb mobiles games throughout the years. Most games offered by Gameloft has price range of $0.99 to $6.99 but for a end-of-the-year sale, all games will be sold for only $0.99.

There’s no catch in this amazing offer. Grab the opportunity to get games such as Order & Chaos Online, Adventures of TinTin, N.O.V.A. 2 HD, 9mm HD, BackStab HD and Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, which is originally priced at $6.99.

The big sale begins at 1pm on December 29 and will last until January 5, 2012.

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Gameloft Developing 4 Multi-Platform Games Powered by Unreal Engine 3 for iOS, Android, PSN and Set-up Boxes

Written on March 01, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Gameloft goes Unreal Engine 3 as the company has struck a deal with Epic Games to deliver four multi-platform games to the iOS, Android, PSN, and set-up boxes.

The iOS, Android and PSN cultists got something good coming their way as Gameloft announced a “long-term, multi-platform licensing agreeement” with Epic Games, Inc. You know what this means? Yeah, it means Gameloft is going to make sweet use of the powerful Unreal Engine 3; and four new games are well on their way, two to be released this year, while the remaining in 2012.

The games will be released across four platforms namely the iOS, Android OS, the PlayStation Network and set-top boxes. We won’t know what the games are going to be about, but we’re pretty sure that they’ll look (relatively) stunning. What else can we expect for something unreal as the Unreal Engine 3?

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Starfront: Collision Game Review: It’s StarCraft in your iPhone

Written on February 25, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Starfront: Collision's got everything we want in an RTS for the iPhone: StarCraft in an iPhone.

The RTS (real-time strategy) genre has pretty much been around for two decades, as games carrying the category went on a rise during mid 90s to early 2000s. With amazing titles such as WarCraft, Dune, Red Alert and of course StarCraft, alot of people thought that the genre would become big in the following years or even decades. But during the course of mid-2000s, RTS games began to lose its luster despite the rise of WarCraft III, with several gamers who lived that generation began shifting to the easier titles of social network gaming, to a more intense or content driven genres like FPS and MMORPGs.

The arrival of StarCraft II was definitely a saving grace for the genre as it revived a gamer’s lust for RTS action. And Gameloft took advantage of the uprise roaring across the gaming industry by concocting their own RTS, well we can’t exactly say it’s their own because it pretty much resembles Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft title. Though it’s definitely a great game for those who are looking for an alternative RTS title for their iPhones. This is Starfront: Collision.

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