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Nintendo 3DS: A Must-have Gadget for 2011

Written on January 03, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Regardless of when the Nintendo 3DS arrives, it is likely to be 2011's must-have gadget. The first truly mass-market piece of 3D technology has a rumored price of £250. Are you ready to shed out that hefty sum of money?

Nintendo is expected to have its press conference this month, with regards to its Nintendo 3DS. It seems that spectators are soon to find out when the handheld device’s release date in Japan will be. Regardless, the Nintendo 3DS is likely to be a must-have gadget for 2011. The 3DS highlights superior graphics compared to its predecessors, and a glass-free 3D effect that can be adjusted at any time via slider located next to the top screen. The analogue nub and built-in accelerometer and gyroscope provides a range of control that no other gaming device can match.

With Nintendo 3DS being the truly mass-market piece of 3D technology, it’s no brainer that film companies are clamoring to make their movies available on 3DS, while a number of publishers have confirmed their support for it. The console will also support all existing DS titles. A pre-order of Nintendo 3DS seems to be a sweet treat, even with the rumored price of £250. Are you ready to take the plunge and have a Nintendo 3DS of your own?

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