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Letting Your Kinect Sense Your Gestures

Written on November 17, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The Wii revolutionized video games with its motion-sensitive controller. Now, Microsoft has one-upped Nintendo by getting rid of the controller completely. Just set up your Kinect, wave, and have fun.

As what the tag line says: With Microsoft Kinect, you are the controller. It lets you interact personally to your console as it allows you to play games using your arms, legs and body. Simply put, Kinect lets your whole body in the game. So how does Microsoft Kinect work? The answer is in its Motion Sensor.

The Kinect has a motion sensor that tracks your entire body. As you play, it creates your digital skeleton based on depth data. So when you move, the sensor will capture it and put you in the game. But the key on how to effectively let your Kinect sense your gesture is not on the movements that you make, but on how you place your sensor.

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