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Wanted: Another Missing iPhone Prototype

Written on September 01, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Just like last year, Apple's iPhone prototype went missing. But this time, it was left in a bar in San Francisco's Mission District.

It seems that history has repeated itself, as CNET reported that an iPhone prototype went missing at the end of July.

The security team of the Cupertino-based company scrambled to search and recover the said device to avoid a replay of iPhone 4’s incident last year. It should be recalled that an advanced prototype of iPhone 4 went missing last year, and was found at the hands of Gizmodo. Meanwhile, the tech site is said to pay the finders $5,000 and subsequently published images of the device just before its official unveiling.

Apple tracked the latest iPhone prototype from a Cava 22 bar in San Francisco’s Mission District to a nearby house in Bernal Heights. The company reps contact the police, asking for help to recover the said device. The authority questioned and searched the house of a man in his early twenties. However, nothing was found despite the man admitting that he had been in Cava 22.

Apparently, Apple has not yet recovered the iPhone prototype and reported that it may have been sold on Craiglist for $200. However, the company and the listing site did not make any comment about the matter.

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