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Live-Updating Matching Results from Google

Written on August 23, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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How would you like to Google something and then simultaneous search results come flashing on your screen? Google thought of that, and it is currently testing the water.

The search giant, like time, brings change to our everyday online lives. With a band of tester-users, Google is trying out a feature that shows live-updating matching results as you type your search query, minus hitting “Enter” or “Return”. The feature is called, “Search As You Type”.

As you start typing your search query, the search box gets relocated to the top of the page. Like Firefox, results are changed at the the speed of the user’s typing. Display ads, from which Google makes money, also change as the context of your search changes.

These changes are still unavailable to the general public though. Note this new feature so you can try it out as soon as it gets out. But some new features never see a public launch, but there are fortunate ones, or should we say, really good ones that do, such as Google Apps Search, which focuses on searching Google Gmail, Docs and Sites web apps.

Better yet, get an idea of how Search As You Type works by checking out the video after the jump.

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