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Google I/O 2011 keynotes available on YouTube

Written on May 14, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Google I/O 2011 event which takes place on San Francisco last week May 10-11, has been attended by thousands of people and watch via live streaming by the whole world.

Major Google product / software announcements:

  • Google announces Android 3.1
  • Google TV getting Android 3.1 and Market this summer
  • Google Ice Cream Sandwich coming in Q4 2011 to smartphones and tablets alike
  • Android Market launches movie rentals, thousands of titles available to your PC, phone or tablet
  • Google Music Beta to stream 20,000 songs for free
  • Google partners with OEMs and carriers to guarantee timely Android updates
  • Google announces Android Open Accessory standard, Arduino-based ADK
  • Google announces Android@Home framework for home automation
  • Google clarifies 18 month Android upgrade program, details far from solidified
  • Google adding Netflix, Hulu support, offline Gmail, Calendar and Docs to Chrome OS this summer, prices hardware at $20 per month
  • Google unveils Acer Chromebook: $349, 11.6-inches with 6.5-hour battery
  • Official: Samsung reveals Chrome OS laptop — the Series 5
  • Google teases Samsung-built Chromebox, desktop version of Chrome OS

If you miss the change to watch the event you can now watch the whole event via Youtube, Watch the video after the break.

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Android Market, Now Open to 99 New Countries

Written on May 13, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Good news subscribers! Android Market just had its overhaul and is now available to 99 new countries.

Following the Google I/O conference, the Android Market underwent an overhaul with its new interface for mobile and desktop. In addition to that, discovering new apps were made easy! The online version of the Android Market now has a revamped Top App Charts, showing the Android applications that are doing best. They are also country-specific, making it relevant to the user. Other than the Top App Charts, the Android Market also has Top New Free, Top New Paid and Top Grossing lists on its home page. Google also created an “Editor’s Choice”, which consists of apps selected by the Android Market staff.

For the developers who are doing well, they will appear on the Top Developer section of the Android Market’s homepage with a special badge next to their name. For the Android users, they will ultimately appreciate how easy it is to install new apps now. They no longer need to go through the application on their phone and install it from there.

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Google Unveils Two New Chrome OS Notebooks

Written on May 12, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Following its pilot program, Google unveils its two new Chrome OS notebooks from Acer and Samsung.

Yesterday’s Google I/O keynote reveals two upcoming Chrome OS notebook from Samsung and Acer. And if the keynote is anything to go by, people will see Google’s new babies hit the streets this summer. Obviously, both will run the Chrome OS as their sole operating system. In addition to this, the Samsung and Acer ChromeBook will also have Netflix and Hulu support and offline versions of Gmail and Google Docs.

See the full specs of these two new Chrome OS Notebooks after the jump.

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Google I/O: Scream for Ice Cream!

Written on May 11, 2011 by Aiken Lewis

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Developers are all excited for the coming of Android 4.0, Google’s newest OS that is named after a cold treat.

The buzz circulating among Google I/O attendees is about the latest mobile operating system Android is planning to release. And this OS was already given a name that will make anyone scream…for ‘Ice Cream.’

The ‘Ice Cream’ OS is said to be a combination of the features of ‘Honeycomb’ and ‘Gingerbread’ platforms. During the Mobile World Congress back in February, Google already dropped the names ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ for its fresh OS offerings.

Google’s then-CEO Eric Schmidt added this statement: “The two of them—notice that one starts with a ‘G’ and the next one starts with an ‘H.’ You can imagine the follow-on will start with an ‘I’ and it will be named after a dessert and it will combine capabilities of both the G[ingerbread] and the H[oneycomb] release.”

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