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Midweek Tech Roundup

Written on January 12, 2011 by R. Cruise

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A roundup report does not necessarily happen during the end of the week. Here at Gadg, we gladly write one during the middle of week.

It’s just midweek but with all the fuss going around Gadg decided to come up with the most talked about online topics.

New Facebook Profile Design All Out

Whether you like it or not, Facebook rolls its new profile design to all its users. The new design features fast facts about the user and fresh sets of photos where the user was tagged.

Google TV Jailbrokers Awarded with $500

A group called GTVHacker Dev Team claimed they already cracked the code of Google TV. This move was made in response to the $1000 bounty being offered for the first person/group to hack the insides of the Google TV.

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