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Opera to Ship Sony LCD TVs and Blu-ray Players

Written on January 23, 2011 by Charles Bass

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"The Web as we know it is evolving, and we are committed to making it more accessible across diverse devices." ---Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera Software

Opera announced that they’ll be coming up with Sony TVs and Blu-ray players. The new Opera solution will be sporting HTML 5, OIPF and HbbTV support. However, Flash isn’t announced yet, but we’re wishing it will be included upon release.

“The Web as we know it is evolving, and we are committed to making it more accessible across diverse devices,” said Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer, Opera Software. “Our ability to address key hybrid broadcast-broadband initiatives in numerous markets makes us a natural fit with Sony. By delivering both a global viewpoint and the necessary technology, we are able to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.”

Meanwhile, they didn’t include any other information about the devices which’ll be supporting Opera, but somehow we have a good guess that these devices are those presented during CES 2011.

C out the video from Opera after the skip.

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Google TV, to Have ARM Compatibility?

Written on January 17, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Google is reportedly planning to develop its Google TV platform for ARM chips, as well as Atom CPUs. If the rumor is true, then it could contribute to putting the future of Intel's Atom chips into question.

People from the Rumor City have reported that Google is planning to develop its Google TV platform for ARM chips and Atom CPUs. The current Google TV devices are restricted to x86 processors. Majority of its design goes for Intel’s Atom CE4100 low-power processor.

Hence, a move to support ARM on Google TV would free OEMs that produces their own ARM-based processors. In addition to this, other manufacturers are given a choice of processor architecture. As of the moment, neither Google nor ARM have officially confirmed the rumored deal. But if it is to be believed, then the future of Intel’s Atom chips will questioned.

What do you think lies ahead of Google TV and ARM? Share your insights by leaving a comment.

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Sony Supports 3D and Google TV Continuously

Written on December 22, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The 3D TV is not completely dead in the water. As long as there are Sony, Google TV and the 3D TV technology, the 3D will have its own market share. The only question is: How hefty will it be?

Considering how well-recognized Sony Bravia is, it is hard to believe that the company’s television division lost for six years in a row. However, they are still hoping that Sony 3D TV and Google TV will soon make the company’s television division profitable. This year, Sony planned to sell 25 million TV sets. However, they fell short of that goal. Still, they are eying the Google TV platform as a potential big seller in the future.

As for its Sony 3D TV, the company crosses their fingers that they can sell at least one 3D TV in every ten units. Unfortunately, most people know that 3D TV as a platform hasn’t hit the glasses yet due to lack of content and hefty price tag. If that will be the case, Sony’s television division must get its act together if they want to catch the leaders in market share.

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TumblrStumbleUponDeliciousRedditDiggShare Blocks Google TV

Written on November 11, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Just like NBC, CBS and ABS, Fox officially blocks Google TV. Viewers can no longer watch episodes of programs on Fox using the Internet Television device.

Another one bites the dust. Just last week, Fox is one of those who didn’t block Google TV on their network. But now, Fox is now included fellow networks which becaus blocked Google TV devices from their affiliates.

Here is the list of networks that still support Google TV:

Comedy Central
* Bravo
* USA Network
* Spike

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Make Way for Sony’s Google HDTV Family

Written on October 13, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Now is the right time to talk about Sony's line of Google HDTVs. Mainly because at long last, it's here. The home entertainment showcase you been long wishing for to come. Internet TV that will let you sit back, relax and surf within the comfort of your home.

Many of us is longing for this event to happen. Please welcome Sony’s Internet HDTV or popularly known as Google TV. The device is unwrapped yesterday at the New York City press conference. It’s the first and only Internet TV in the world powered by Google. This new kick-ass TV shows off a 1080p edge-lit LED screens, four USB ports, four HDMI inputs and Wi-Fi capabilities. Available in all four sizes, 24″, 32″, 40″ and 46″. The 24″ model rings in at $599 while the 46″ will cost you a hefty $1,399. It also includes a funky white set-top box with built-in Blu-ray player for $399.

Now you can stream thoroughly to Hulu, Twitter, Netflix, YouTube and Pandora right in the comfort of your living room. It also comes with search engine support and Android apps that everyone in the family will surely enjoy.

The Google TV is equipped with a remote control. The remote will somehow remind you of the PS3 controller with a QWERTY keypad. Google TV remote adapted the remote design of PS3. It will be be available in on Saturday while on Sunday it will be for sale in BestBuy stores all over the nation. This is really some exciting news!

Click this link to read the official statement from Sony.

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Sony’s Google TV is Smarter than Ever

Written on October 06, 2010 by Charles Bass

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Can't we just fast forward to the future? It is because October 12 is the day we can actually see Sony's Google TV.

Surprised about this unexpected glory, we happen to catch ABC Nightline’s episode about the Google TV. With a sneak peak of Sony’s Google TV ad and the never before rumored, seen or thought off controller. There are two circular directional pad, a QWERTY keyboard, volume-channel selection and the usual play and pause buttons. We surely wish that today is October 12 just so we can catch a glimpse again of this much-awaited device.

See the video after the skip.

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Apple’s iTV will Change Everything

Written on August 23, 2010 by Adam Eve

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"This will eventually destroy the television side of the cable and satellite industry, as your only requirement to access these on-demand stations will be an Internet connection. Say goodbye to your monthly cable bill." - Kevin Rose, Digg Founder

Digg Founder, Kevin Rose, just got news from the people inside Apple that the company will release its all-new, iOS powered iTV for $99 this September. Rose believes that the revamped Apple TV will change everything, including the incorporation of TV application for iOS. The iTV will have access to the App Store that enables users to download software that can run on their device. With these, content providers can give iTV owners a “table d’hote” stations.

Another alteration is that this $99 device will make photo and video sharing easier for users. And it can all happen with just a push of a button. Rose also wrote on his blog that Apple’s iPad is the preferred remote control for the iTV. The iPad can let users edit videos, control games and amplify interactive television experience. The Web entrepreneur also mentioned to keep an eye on Google’s own set-top box. The search giant’s Android-powered Google TV is set to launch this fall.

What product do you think will make it a hot space for 2011? Will you go for Apple iTV or Google’s Google TV? Don’t forget to tell us your preferences by leaving a comment.

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