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‘Double the Win’ with EVGA GeForce GTX 460 2Win, Faster than NVIDIA GTX 580

Written on March 13, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Why settle for a single win when you can 'double the win' with a faster and cheaper EVGA GeForce GTX 460?

EVGA just unleashed a beast called the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 2Win, a card that contains the power of two EVGA GeForce GTX 460 GPU’s which promises to deliver a faster, more stellar DirectX 11 performance than that of the legendary NVIDIA GTX 580. The card is touted to give a whole new degree of interactive gaming, entertainment and productivity as it is equipped with 700MHz clocking and 672 cumulative CUDA cores served by 2GB of GDDR5. What’s more is that the EVGA GeForce GTX 460 is touted to cost lower than the NVIDIA GTX 580. ‘Double the win’ indeed.

Hit the break to check out the complete specs of this awesome graphics monster.

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NVIDIA Reveals KFA2 GeForce GTX460, World’s First Wireless Graphics Card

Written on January 16, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Since everything's going wireless, why not add graphics cards into the fray?

NVIDIA has once again outdone themselves and the rest of the competition as they unveil the world’s very first wireless graphic card, the KFA2 GeForce GTX460 WHDI 1024MB PCIe 2.0. With five aerials sticking out of the back of its compartment, the KFA2 GeForce GTX460 allows the end-user to wirelessly link their desktop PCs to their HDTV or other displays within a range of 100 feet. There’s nothing really special about it because it’s basically a GTX 460 card, but the wireless feature speaks for itself.

See the detailed specs of NVIDIA’s KFA2 GeForce GTX460 after the break!

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Best Hardwares of the Year

Written on December 26, 2010 by Kristoff Jones

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Let's wrap up the year with the best hardwares we've seen in 2010.

Another year has come to a close and boy did we have an amazing 2010. With the release of several PC gears thanks to the undying efforts of our favorite companies, we’ve managed to get the best, and the worst anyone has ever seen in 12 months. Today we’ll give you the Hardwares that wowed us the most that will most likely stick around by mid-2011.

Know who’s in the list after the break.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Not So Graphic Card Demanding Afterall

Written on December 07, 2010 by Kristoff Jones

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Contrary to popular rumors, Call of Duty: Black Ops doesn't really need the latest graphic card for a high-octane, eye-candy gaming experience. It's so (relatively) light, even 2 year old graphic cards can do the trick!

Treyarch has once again outdone themselves with their latest multiplayer shooting brawlfest, Call of Duty: Black Ops. And with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series owning the competition in terms of graphic during its run, one usually asks if their graphic card is enough for Black Ops or should they get the latest graphic card out in the market. Well we’ll end all speculations right here and now.

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 GF110 Fermi Video Card FTW!

Written on November 09, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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You might hit your head if your one of those who bought the Nvidia GeForce GTX 480, after revealing several reviews of the graphic videocard "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580" all came up with a positive feedbacks on their reviews.

Several reviews agree that it fixes the power hunger and heat issue from GTX480. The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 heatsink has a vapor chamber in its copper base which said to be deliver much cooler from previous heatsink, it also have a new power monitoring hardware which track real time monitoring of current and voltage. It also said it gains 15% to 25% performance on each games that have been tested for FPS and Video settings benchmark. GTX 580 SRP priced at $499, also you can now pre-order the videocard on your local or online store. All in all this videocard is FTW (for the win)! If you’re still doubting about the performace of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 check out the below links for the reviews.

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