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GTA IV Goes to Vice City in Mod

Written on September 08, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Team RAGE brings Grand Theft Auto IV to Vice City with its mod!

Team RAGE brings the Miami flavor to Grand Theft Auto IV with its “Vice City Rage” mod. The said GTA IV mode is due on December 25.

So if you love the fancy graphics but hate the dearth of neon colors on Grand Theft Auto IV, then you are in for a rocket launcher!

Check out the video posted after the cut for more info.

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The Alternate Dimension Where Grand Theft Auto Never Existed

Written on February 01, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Fifteen years of sheer greatness; that's one way to describe Grand Theft Auto. But would you imagine everything might've never existed because of certain issues before the first title was released?

Have you imagined a world where Grand Theft Auto never existed? Neither did we. But that alternate reality almost became our reality as an interview with the original GTA developer admits that the immensely popular open-world video game’s first title almost didn’t get a release. No, the reason doesn’t have anything to do with politics or morales. It all roots down to the basics: It’s not playable.

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Red Dead Redemption Game Review; the Road to Redemption

Written on January 22, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Red Dead Redemption has set the standard of what a wild west video game (or even a movie) should be like. Every element breaths the world of outlaws and cowboys.

Red Dead Redemption, probably the most decorated video game of 2010 as it was critically acclaimed by various gaming websites and even bagging Spike TV’s Video Game Award’s Game of the Year in 2010. Even though it already had quite a long run already, everyone’s still got their eyes on this game as it recently got nominated for several categories in the 11th Game Developers Choice Awards. So what does make Red Dead Redemption tick? What makes the game so compelling to catch the eyes of every gamer out there? And will we see a back-to-back Best Video Game award when the GDCA kicks in?

The wild, wild west. It’s been done, done, done several times already in video games. But in every singe attempt, we see mediocre, skin-deep interpretations that will make us get sick of the theme. And to be honest, the moment we heard that Red Dead Redemption is going to be a wild west-themed, we got worried. How can RockStar Games pull off a cowboy version of the Grand Theft Auto series? It’s impossible.

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