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Step Into the Shadows with the New Guild Wars 2 Class, the Thief

Written on March 06, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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We hide behind the shadows not because we're cowards, but just because we want to grant you a swift, hopefully painless and unsuspecting, death.

A new class has been unveiled today for ArenaNet’s much-anticipated MMO, Guild Wars 2; welcome to the darkness of the Thief. The Thief utilizes the shadows to concoct attacks that will put down any unsuspecting enemies. And even though this character isn’t as armored as the other classes, make no mistake that the shadow-steppers will use everything in their arsenal to make up for that loss.

The Thief can use traps, can stealth, can wield dual skills which can easily decapitate enemies in a flash. They’re adept at both melee and ranged fighting as they utilize swords, daggers, pistols and shortbows. The class has an advantage over other melee classes thanks to initiative points, which allow them to put together skills immediately instead of waiting for them to recharge like the others classes.

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