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Halo 2600: Both Old and New

Written on August 07, 2010 by Adam Eve

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A gamer can be considered old school if his console of choice is the Atari 2600. With the generation where PC, Xbox 360 and PSP 3 is the new gaming partner, beautiful visual effects is a must. But what if you have a cool and modern game handler with an old school of a graphics?

There’s no need to argue why Microsoft’s Halo video game franchise already made a huge impact. A large part of the gratitude should be given to the franchise’s awesome visuals and high-end game play. But have you ever wonder, if Halo would have been a success during the times when Atari 2600 was the gamers’ choice of console? Well, wonder no more! Ed Fries, former vice president of Microsoft’s Game Publishing Division, programmed an old school version of the most beloved game.

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