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PlayStation NGP and Call of Duty Team-up Bound to be Epic

Written on January 29, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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With PlayStation NGP on the road to greatness with its stellar features plus the innate awesomeness of Call of Duty, what could ever go wrong with this kind of team up? That's right, NOTHING.

Were you cut short from the Call of Duty experience on your PlayStation Portable (PSP)? Well here’s some good news for you, especially if you’re planning to buy the PSP’s successor. Philip Earl from Activision has expressed the game publisher’s support to the PlayStation NGP (Next Generation Portable), which may mean we’ll be getting more than the usual Call of Duty titles on the PSNGP (or PSP2 for the hardheaded ones).

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Actual Nintendo 3DS Leaked Out on the Internet

Written on January 03, 2011 by Aiken Lewis

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Hell yeah, Nintendo 3DS escapes production line which leak out on the internet today. recently release a photos and video of the upcoming portable console Nintendo 3DS. As the story goes one of the chinese factory worker (which working at Nintendo Factory) rob and escape one of this console which are now posted and leak via forum (a chinese site). What you can see on the picture is the actual 3DS which is too small on its preceding DS’s consoles, also “select, home & start” are now in different position. Check the video after the break!

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