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The Clash of the Hanvon Slate and iPad Video

Written on August 11, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Which side are you in: red or blue?

On the red corner, the Hanvon Slate, a tablet which just made its way to the market. On the blue corner, the famous iPad. Who’ll emerge victorious in Internet browsing, Youtube viewing and email creation? Let’s find out.

A little background first on the reason behind this comparison: Steve Ballmer’s recent announcement that HP Slate got canceled made us explore tablets PCs which can go head-to-head with iPad when it comes to everyday online activities.

In general, the video is unbiased when it comes to scrutinizing the abilities of the two products. However, obvious difference between Hanvon and iPad is the LCD size which congests the keyboard. To conclude, both devices perform tasks well, Hanvon Slate gives full OS access while iPad verges on smooth and slick browsing experience.

Press play to see the complete run of the video.

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