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China is Now the Largest PC Market

Written on August 24, 2011 by Lulu

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China managed to surpass US as the world's largest PC market of the year.

A new IDC research shows that China managed to outgrow US as the world’s largest PC market. For all of 2011, US took the lead, but China was able to push past them this spring. China also claimed 22% of all PCs shipped at 18.5 million, with 21% (17.7 million) going to Americans. Due to this scenario, researchers predicted that China will be getting 21.8% for all of 2012, where the US would slip to 19.6%.

The catch-up in the said country may have come from the Chinese government plans. Its 12th Five Year Plan was encouraging very large companies at the heart of China’s foundations, to keep spending at the time when the US was still struggling.

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