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Nintendo 3DS Raw Materials Just Cost $100, Have We Been Robbed?

Written on March 26, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Is Nintendo robbing the consumers from a possibly cheaper Nintendo 3DS? Or is there more to the hardware than meets the eye?

Nintendo has always provided their consumers with top-notch, relatively cheap products that usually leave us smiling. But an analysis from UBM TechInsights may put things in perspective for a moment, as they unveiled that Nintendo 3DS’ raw components cost roughly $101 per unit. The Nintendo 3DS unit currently has a retail price of $250, around 150% more than what it is made. Has Nintendo robbed its consumers?

Well, there’s more to the tale than the raw figures. The makings of a Nintendo 3DS doesn’t only comprise of its raw materials. Beyond its bits and pieces, money has to be shelled out for marketing, research, development costs, labor, packaging and distribution. And even though the raw goods sound cheap, the rest definitely isn’t. That’s why the Nintendo 3DS is priced that way.

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