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More Setback for Macbook Pros

Written on March 22, 2011 by Adam Eve

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Uh-oh! Apple's new lineup of Macbook Pro gets another problem. Is your laptop heating up too?

The new Macbook Pro lineup is suffering from yet more problems, after reports that it struggles to work with iTunes Home Sharing. This time around, there were complains that the top-end laptops are crushing under heavy loads.

Looking at discussion threads in MacRumors and Apple’s official pages, the problem seems not an isolated case. One user complained that his trackpad and keyboard stopped working after his Macbook Pro’s temperature heats up to 90 degrees. Another user said that the fans revved, and he suddenly could use nothing but the cursor.

Apple is aware of the problem, and stated that there’s an issue with the Macbook Pro’s graphic driver. Apparently, it can be solved through a software update of OS X. Still, this incident raises questions as to whether Apple can push Macbook Pro as the best laptop in the world.

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