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HasWifi Knows the Flights with Internet Access

Written on October 18, 2010 by R. Cruise

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HasWifi can help you decide whether to get a little shut eye or get going with your workload.

Wi-fi is now a necessity. Be it at home or when you are on the go; and either in land or air travel. Many businessmen expect that they’ll have Internet access at 30,000 feet but it does not happen like that all the time. Just like you, many are asking if there’s a way to check if there’s Internet access prior to purchasing a ticket.

Thank God for HasWifi. This technology is supported with database which indicates Wi-Fi equipped flights. Currently, HasWifi can search through six U.S. carriers. Founder Anthony Petito aims to widen its network of data in the future. Any jet setter can now choose between a flight with or without Wi-Fi.

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