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Tips on Buying HD TV

Written on June 24, 2011 by Adam Eve

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When buying a new HD TV, there are only three things that really matter: price, picture quality and features.

When buying a HD TV, sticking with the basics will help simplify the job of selecting the right television for you. That said, only three things matter: Price, picture quality and features. Just ignore the manufacturer’s name and skip the long list of specs that will just make you confused.

For most buyers, price is the first factor to consider when purchasing a HD TV. Generally, the bigger the television, the more features it has and the better the picture quality, the more expensive it is. So depending on your priorities, you may either get a small HD TV with better quality, or a big one that doesn’t have the same features.

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Panasonic Confirmed: 3D TV Sales Surpassed HD TV

Written on February 27, 2011 by Adam Eve

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The sales on 3D TV surpassed the HD TV market adoption? How true could that be?

In an attempt to recover the big investments made in 3D technology, the industry has been in survival mode for quite a while. But this time, Panasonic CTO, Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, claims that the masses have finally warmed to the 3D TV platform. According to the CTO, “Within North America, the industry shipped some 2 million Full HD 3D enabled televisions after just nine months on the market.”

While people can say that Eisuke Tsuyuzaki has a point regarding the market’s quick adoption of 3D TVs, the statement needs to contextualize. Panasonic and its competitors committed just a part of the budget to get HD TV in the market compared to 3D. In addition to this, the 3D TV platform also had a showcase film – the Avatar – to reveal what it’s really capable of, but the sales were still slow out of the gate.

Maybe 3D TV viewing can become a big business. But suggesting that the industry is where they hoped it would be is a lie.

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Scrutinizing Samsung SyncMaster B2330HD

Written on November 17, 2010 by Adam Eve

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The Samsung SyncMaster B2330HD is a low-priced display that works as either a PC monitor or HD TV. And it is is ideal for gamers, PC users and those looking for small display unit that can also supply good quality programming.

The Samsung SyncMaster B2330HD is a 23-inch screen that works as either a PC monitor or HD TV. The display is small enough for PC work, but can also be used as a small TV for bedroom. It provides HD viewing for crisp pictures, and is 2.6 inches deep with a sleek design. It also have a glossy black bezel that adds some style to the plain LCD monitor.

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