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Nike Develops Tron-inspired Run Tracker

Written on January 06, 2013 by Avlya Jaie

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Nike's new Run Tracker features visuals inspired by sci-fi movie, Tron

Sports brand, Nike has created a new Run Tracker, with the help of a Hong Kong interactive agency. The MvsW campaign features sci-fi inspired visuals.

Creative Director Henry Chu talks about this campaign and said:

“As fanboys of sci-fi movies, we wanted to create an interface like Tron with the control panel of the Ironman’s suit,”

The visual features Tron-style graphics that features data from the participating runners and segmenting it between men and women. Men and women are shown as blue versus red visualizations.

Other graphical datas include Fastest 1k, Longest Run. Total Distance and Average Pace.

Check out the Nike MvsW site for more details.

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New iPad Appears in Hongkong, Teases People with Pics and Videos

Written on March 15, 2012 by Aiken Lewis

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New iPad shows up in pics and video teasers posted by Hongkong based magazine, PCM

After showing up earlier in Vietnam, Apple’s new iPad finally lands in Hongkong. The Hongkong-based magazine PCM’s managed to get hold of this yet-to-be released gadget.

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Apple Store in Hong Kong Gets an Opening Date

Written on September 06, 2011 by Lulu

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It's official! Apple Store in Hong Kong will be open on September 24.

Apple alread posted banners setting September 24 as the opening date for their first Apple store in Hong Kong. The said two storey shop has a banner advertising “Apple HK,” and brags its position in the very high-end International Finance Center which is one of the highest-rent retail areas in the world.

The new Apple store, as seen in the photo, is said to be the newest center of the city’s Central District with regards to its location. Some consider the store as a very important part of Apple’s Southeast Asian growth, which saw sales grow to 600% every year this past spring.

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