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HP Unveils Omni Pro 110 for All Your Business Needs

Written on March 08, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Got an opening for the job "PC desktop?" Well check out the HP Omni Pro 110's resume and see how qualified it is.

Looking for a PC to hire that will help you brave the daily grind of office work? Well consider this one hired. With an impressive resume to boot, HP’s latest PC, the Omni Pro 110, got the right qualifications that fit your business needs under that sleek and shiny 20″ diagonal wide screen. HP seems to be pulling out all the stops as it offers an all-in-one elegant design which offers full performance computing with a price tag starting at just $639. To some, it’s got the Apple iMac’s sweet look under the price of a PC.

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HP Unveils TouchSmart 310 and Omni100

Written on September 21, 2010 by Adam Eve

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HP is not just making a trail in the IT market with their printers and laptops, they are also moving to desktops! You better check out the computer store near you on the 22nd because HP just revealed their two new all-in-one PCs.

Hewlett-Packard, one of the world’s largest IT company, is not just on Android Tablet-based printers today. HP just announced its two new all-in-one PCs: the TouchSmart 310 and Omni100. Both PC will hit the market on the 22nd.

Obviously the latest in the TouchSmart line, the TouchSmart310 packs a 2.8GHz Athlon II 240e dual core CPU, 4GB RAM, Radeon HD 4270 integrated graphics, 1TB drive and 20-inch 1600 x 1900 touchscreen. It runs the latest HP Windows 7 touch overlay, plus custom interfaces for Twitter, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix and HP’s built-in HDTV tuner. All of these comes with a tag price of $699.

On the non-touch side, Omni100 also has a 20-inch 1600 x 1900 display and houses 1.8 GHz Athlon II 260u, 3GB RAM, 500GB drive and Radeon HD 4270 integrated graphics. It runs on HP’s MediaSmart Windows 7 overlay and costs $499.

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