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IBM Offers Hybrid Cloud

Written on August 26, 2011 by Adam Eve

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IBM is now offering a hybrid cloud approach, enabling organizations to manage their resources regardless of where they reside.

IBM is talking about business reservations about rolling out applications in the public cloud with a hybrid approach. The hybrid cloud can monitor access and manage application deployments on both public and private cloud system. IBM, building on its acquisition of Cast Iron, would enable organizations to gain wider visibility, control and automation with their assets and computing environments. Moreover, the hybrid cloud approach also allows administrators to complete tasks in a matter of days.

IBM’s hybrid cloud expands their SmartCloud portfolio, combining Tivoli Cloud’s hybrid capabilities and Cast Iron’s application and data integration technology. The software will define policies, quotas, limits, monitoring and performance rules for the public cloud the same as on-premise resources. That way, users can access public cloud resources through a single-service catalogue.

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Apple is World’s Most Valuable Brand

Written on May 09, 2011 by R. Cruise

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Apple is number one on the “Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands” list, surpassing Google, who only made it on the second spot. Apple’s brand value has boomed up to 85% from 2006, increased to 84% until hitting $153.3 billion this year.

The brand’s achievement is credited mainly to the success of iPad and iPhone 4, according to global research agency Millward Brown.  Apple has already made it to the second top spot last year, becoming the no.2 most valuable U.S. company, surpassing Microsoft in market capitalization.

Meanwhile, Google’s brand declined 2% to $111.5 billion. IBM, McDonald’s and Microsoft rounded out the top five. Google held the top spot for the past four years before being displaced by Apple. AT&T, China Mobile, IBM, and Microsoft all have spots in the top-10 most valuable brands list, with only McDonald’s being the non-tech company making it to the top 5.

Also, Facebook made its debut on the top 100 chart at number 35, with a 246% increase in brand value to $19.1 billion – a record breaker amongst the companies included in the survey.

Kudos to Apple!

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