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Apple releases iBooks 1.5 for iPad and iPhone

Written on December 07, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Apple releases iBooks 1.5 adds full-screen layout and nighttime mode

Apple has just released an update to its e-book reader, the iBooks 1.5. The update includes a nighttime reading mode that makes reading in the dark or low light areas easier on the eyes and full-screen layout that allows the reader to focus on the text with less distraction.

The latest update also features a redesigned annotation palette for highlighting text, new classic covers for public domain books and an improved selection of fonts including Athelas, Charter, lowan and Seravek.

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Top Ten Apps for Your iPad

Written on November 18, 2010 by R. Cruise

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Make your iPad activities more fun and exciting by downloading these apps now. From work to play, Gadg got you covered.

You decided to get an iPad. It is the latest product of Apple and people are going crazy over it. Then, what happens now? This is the time to get the apps that will make your idle time more worth while. By the way, did you know that iPad sold more than 3 million units in just 80 days? Read the ten iPad apps in demand right now after the skip.

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