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Lenovo Introduces New Tablet — The IdeaPad P1

Written on July 20, 2011 by Avlya Jaie

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IdeaPad P1 -- the last Lenovo tablet device to run on Windows 7.

Early today, Lenovo intros its new tablet – the IdeaPad P1 – which is specially designed for office workers. The device is a 10-inch tablet that is said to be the last product from Lenovo to run a Windows 7 system. It features finger-touch, an optional pen, and a 1.5GHz Intel chip (likely an Atom Z670). Unlike its previous Android devices, the IdeaPad P1 sports a thickness of 0.57 inches and a lighter weight of under 2Lbs.

Although the company hasn’t disclosed most of the tablet’s details, they affirmed that the IdeaPad P1 will not fully cater for home users. Instead, it will set as a good option for people who works outside their houses since they could take advantage of the device’s Flash and HD video features.

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