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Internet Explorer 9 Now Available for Download

Written on March 15, 2011 by Kristoff Jones

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Microsoft fights back with a better, faster, and easier to use Internet Explorer 9. Download the program today!

And so the Internet Explorer web-browser rises from the ashes as it makes a sweet comeback with the Internet Explorer 9 which is now available for download at Those who were dreaded by the awful browser we buried 100-feet under called the Internet Explorer 8 will be pleased to know that the Internet Explorer 9 is faster and easier to use. Some say it could even rival the Google Chrome.

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A Minimalist Internet Explorer 9 That Reminds You of Chrome

Written on August 26, 2010 by Aiken Lewis

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At the dawn of the ninth Explorer's season, a sneak peek flashed from the Russian Microsoft website of the look that rendered the browser a makeover, the Chrome way.

A screenshot posted on the site spilled Internet Explorer 9’s interface secret–Google’s Web browser features adopted into its beta version. Some might say Microsoft “aped” Chrome’s minimalist aesthetic, and it is a worthy opponent to emulate, to begin with.

Microsoft’s work seems to have been focused on trimming menus and buttons that are rather crowding the window. Shortcut icons for e-mailing, printing and RSS are obviously plucked, together with the “Page,” “Safety,” and “Tools” buttons. Taking littler space then in the current version are the reload and stop-loading buttons, and Bookmarks are gone. Where could all have these snippets gone?

With their absence from the main window, or transfer to other menus, the screen now looks much tidier and roomy enough to display webpages–the browser’s purpose in the first place.

The screenshot has been pulled since speculations arose, but all of these will be snipped as well when the IE9 beta rolls out on September 15.

Photo: Courtesy of Newscom

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